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Based on the species, ticks can be different colors and belong to the Family lxodidae. The typical size of a tick is 1 cm long for an adult and larvae less than 1 mm long. The most common varieties of ticks in Claremont and neighboring locations are often the deer tick, black legged tick, and American dog tick.

Ticks are normally located where thick woods or remarkably vegetated regions are. Some tick kinds will not make it without moisture and both males and females need the blood of reptiles, mammals and birds as their meal source.

Ticks have a four-stage life cycle – (1) egg, (2) larvae, (3) nymph and (4) adult. While in the larvae phase they already have six legs and throughout their final 2 phases they have 8 legs. Each and every cycle must have blood for the food. Ticks that carry particular disease-causing pathogens and organisms can in fact be transmitted to their host.

Tick Infestation Signs

You may invariably detect ticks infesting your personal space. If you have animals and see ticks on them, you almost certainly have ticks within your house or atleast areas your furry friend frequents. In some cases people who encounter bites from the ticks may deal with substantial adverse reactions that will be remedied by a doctor.

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