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Got termites? It’s time to action immediately if so! Termites one of the most hated pests and this is likely because of the extensive damage they cause to structures and the cost to treat and prevent them. However, preventing termites is a more cost-effective approach rather than waiting for an infestation to occur and significant structural damage.


Protecting Against Termites in Claremont

They’re silent destroyers and don’t need a long time to destroy a large portion of your structure; be it your home or business. They consume cellulose-based materials and it’s not hard for them to find this food source in the materials of many homes and properties throughout Los Angeles County.


While termites are most known for causing damage to structures, they will also consume other items like furniture and books, in addition to damaging foundations and more. These tiny little workers are pretty quick at destruction!


termite control claremont

Termites can be perhaps the most hated pests because of the comprehensive (and costly) havoc they often cause.

Los Angeles County Termite Extermination

The ideal way to lower the possibility of termites from infesting your property or house is through helpful deterrence and protection methods including guaranteeing a moisture-free environment and getting rid of any food resources which may interest termites. We have included the following tips for assuring the best termite security for your structure:


  • Leaky faucets, water pipes and also air conditioning units should be repaired.
  • Routinely clean the gutters on the house.
  • Be certain that water is guided away from the foundation during rainfall.
  • Remove any excessive mulch or coverings you have placed near the property’s outer walls.
  • Routinely examine the roof to be certain water puddles aren’t accumulating.
  • Examine your air vents around the home to make sure no obstructions are present.
  • Secure any potential entry points within the plumbing to keep unwanted pests from attaining admittance inside.
  • Add screens on any outdoor vents that do not have one.
  • Eradicate stumps as well as other wood particles positioned close to the property.
  • Watch for termite destruction on the patio and fences.
  • Never keep raw lumber, papers or fire wood next to the basic foundation or crawl space.


Termite Signs & Treatment

It is possible to detect a termite issue early on when you understand these pests or know things to look for. Warning signs of a termite issue include a swarm of winged insects (termites) temporarily inside the house, termite frass (excrement), hollowed out wood or wood that seems to be hollow if you tap on it, dirt tubes and tunnels on the outside walls, or even the wings abandoned by swarmers; usually observed near doors and windows.


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If you suspect or have confirmed that termites are an issue on your property just give us a call right away! Even if you are just looking for more information regarding protecting against these particular pests, you can reach us at (909) 280-7230. We can easily help you get scheduled for a termite inspection or perhaps a treatment assuming you have already discovered active termites.

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